2017 Aims

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Christmas (even if you are still working).

I cannot believe that I am sitting here, writing about the next year, when I feel like 2016 started only weeks ago. 2016 has been both a great, and shocking year for myself, and the rest of the world. Many, many celebrity deaths (and deaths close to my heart)  have plagued us. Political decisions have ‘rocked the boat’ – the US election, brexit are just a few names on the tip of my tongue. On a more positive note, I received AS results that I was very happy with, excelled in my sporting commitments, and have continued to adapt to any problems I may have faced.
I don’t really believe in new year resolutions. Firstly, I never stick to them – their always short term things that I never have the willpower to stick out. Secondly, I believe that if you want to make a difference, don’t wait until January to do it. You can join a gym, or start looking after your friends and family throughout the year, not just at the beginning.
That being said, I really want 2017 to be the year about me.
1. I want to drink more water. I have already started to increase the amount oflter I consume,and I have noted a considerable difference already – more energy, clearer skin, smaller appetite.
2. Focus on my appearance more – stick to a regular skin care, use hair masks and face masks frequently – I won’t just feel more confident in myself, but will also enjoy wearing less makeup more often.
3. And lastly, I really need to get my butt in gear to get the grades I would like to get into university (but give myself the time I need to relax – I tell myself I don’t want to wear myself out, but I’m probably being lazy) 😉
Those were just a few things that I have already started working on over the Christmas holidays. On that note, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas (whether you celebrate it or not).
I am planning to start writing a few more blog posts, so I would love it if you would subscribe, like and comment down below – I would love to hear how you spent your Christmas, and whether you have any New Years resolutions (please comment down below any post suggestions you may have)!

Lauren xo


6 thoughts on “2017 Aims

  1. Hey Lauren! Love your aims for 2017 – very important to maintain a good skincare regime, but don’t place too much emphasis on your outward appearance. The people around you will love you for your personality. Great post though xx

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